Sunday, April 12, 2015

Growing Up

Since she came to stay with us, we've kept Zazi separate from the rest of the house and in her own space (the bathroom). We've let her out into different rooms, and each time she got a little more used to life with humans in a house.
This week was a big deal - we've let her have the run of the house.
She has been having a ball exploring... we sometimes don't see her; but boy do we hear her.
Rattles, shakes, the occasional fa-DUMPH and every now and then, we'll look up and she'll be peering over the side of the staircase at us.
She's done so well, we're very proud parents! Laugh. She discovered the giant ottoman in the living room, and the fact that she fits perfectly under there. 
And oh boy, does she LOVE following Mr J. all around. She loves that he plays string with her and she will follow him as he goes from room to room. It's adorable.
Still working on the other cats accepting her; there's still the hissing and occasional food stealing - but for the most part, we're not afraid to leave them be together.

And... I think she's starting to grow. With a really good diet, peaceful quiet spots to sleep and the safety of our home....I think this little lady is going to grow into her paws and have the softest silkiest fur coat ever.

She's coming along so well. The trust is still coming....but I can tell this little darling is well on her way.