Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Feral no More

So... much has happened the last few weeks.
Watching little Zazi grow and blossom into the fearless little cat she has become is both rewarding and emotional.
We made sure to get a really good kitten food for her, with lots of protein and no fillers. We give her wet and dry food and are trying to add some meat to her now when we pet her we dont feel every single vertebrae of her spine and her hips dont protrude.
And as she has gotten over her fear of humans, Zazi has let her personality shine. She is a darling little curious cat....who especially delights in finding things that jingle, jangle, boom, bonkers and rattle as she rolls them around. At three am. Of course.
She has doubled in size and had really bonded with our male neuter cat Mikie. They wrestle and roll and play a seemingly endless game of Chase up and down the stairs.
Just a quick post to update.... a little more a little later to come!