Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cast of characters...so far

Of course, we have Zazi the feral kitty.

We have String. A loyal and good friend of all cats.

Leopard ball, with real feathers on it. Several other toys, like Sock and Ball. 
Her bed.

And today we introduce Spongy Mouse. A little sponge type ball with a cut out of a mouse on it with a little tail. If you throw it it bounces with a slight twist so the tail spins.

Zazi -the first cat we managed to trap. Approx six months old. Currently fixed, recovered and socializing well. This is mainly her blog. This was her, scrounging for food when Jay first saw her.

Jumper - thought to be Zazi's sister as they are nearly identical. She has had a litter of four, and once those little cuties are weaned, we shall adopt them out and undertake the task of socializing Jumper in hopes of adoption. We shall see. When I had her in the trap she was calm, and gentle. Reports are that she and babies are doing very well and she is a great first time mom, despite still being a baby herself.

Taylor - a big grey male that also is a suspected litter mate as he is also a twin of these two gals. He has been fixed and will be released back into the territory after recovery. He is not a a candidate for socialization.

Fluffy black male - so far has escaped being trapped however he is on our catch list. He will most likely be a TNR candidate and not adoptable as he is so so skittish.

Brown tabby male - the suspected father undetermined. He is the most elusive and has the widest territory. May or may not be trap able but we won't give up.

Mama cat- not all stories have happy endings. Sadly she was so sick she would not have survived much longer. She was humanely euthanized. And there were many, many tears shed by all involved.