Friday, March 27, 2015

Sharing the Credit

Before I go any further; I should point out that Jay & I aren't in this alone.

There are dozens of people behind the scenes that made our TNR mission a success.

Sandy at S&J Cat Rescue - she boards as well as fosters ferals and adopts out rehabbed kitties
Pet Valu Kingspoint Plaza - Where one day, we hope to see Zazi adopted out from

Heather with AVA - loaner of cages, dispenser of advice and solid all around stellar lady. She is
                                 currently fostering Jumper and her kittens.

Last summer when we first saw Rosie & her kittens (Rosie, as she lived behind the Rose Theatre) we weren't sure who to contact for help. We reached several dead ends with local Humane Society & Animal Welfare Services - they don't do any rehab with ferals, basically they'll come take them and the entire family would have been euthanized. No. NO way. That was Not going to happen.

So we went down to our local awesome pet store; Pet Valu. They always had cages of animals to adopt out, we figured they'd have some contacts. And they did. We called "S & J Cat Rescue" and that's how we met Sandy. This wonderful lady who runs a cat boarding business and also manages several feral colonies, and rehabs good candidates for adoption.

As you know, this is full on kitten season and Sandy has her hands full right she introduced us to Heather, a volunteer who does amazing work. She loaned us the traps, we caught our kitties, and Heather works with several Veterinarians to fix/vaccinate and check over all ferals brought in. They also do a quick assessment if kitties would be good candidates for socialization & adoption.

But here's the thing. Volunteers  and organizations can only do so much. They are always strapped for time, money and volunteers. So, that's where we came in.

Jumper. Sitting BESIDE the trap. For almost an hour.
Jay built shelters. He maintained them all winter and fed the kitties, earning their trust.

Hours spent staring at traps in the car. Waiting and waiting and hoping. That bright spark of hope and excitement when you saw that little face pop up in the long scraggly grass.
Willing that kitty with every fiber of your being to JUST step IN THE DAMN TRAP......
and then...ELATION!! When they finally were in and the lid snapped down.
Yes, they were terrified but a calm voice and a dark towel over the top usually did the trick.
Zazi went with Sandy to be spayed and vaccinated, and then spent awhile there while she recovered from her surgery. Sandy also took time to work with Zazi, even though she is crazy busy this time of year. And then Miss Zazi came to us.

Wanna help out? What can YOU do?
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