Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day four with Zazi

We had some amazing breakthroughs yesterday. And today....

Currently, I am sitting by the door, legs crossed and typing, deliberately not watching her. I can see her, watching me from alongside the toilet. 
I brought in her food this morning, and instead of leaving it beside her, today I moved it across the room, to a safe place under the plant. It is a good spot, under the little table with the plant on it so she will feel safe. This is where I have been setting her dry food and the water dish so it's not really a new spot. But it is for her wet food.
A short while ago, Zazi came right out from behind the toilet and sat closer to me, on the edge of the rug.
She truly is a little beauty. Her soft, grey coat isn't as solid as we first thought. You can see the faint darker grey tabby markings across her chest and tail. Her huge leaf green eyes don't miss a thing.
Earlier, I had brought her food in, and of course, one of my cats was hot on my heels. I hadn't noticed Vamp behind me...we often joke she is our ninja cat, you don't see her or hear or until she is suddenly, RIGHT THERE.
We have three rescue cats. Mikie was a street cat, rescued at ten months; Muffin was in the shelter for FOUR YEARS, and Vamp had been in the shelter for three years; after coming in from a feral colony. Now, our cats are all mature adults (in their life span anyway, they're adorable goofballs)  and all fixed and vaccinations up to date. Zazi has also had her first round of shots, but hasn't been tested for some other things, so we are keeping our kitties separate.
Mikie in his bed, Muffin the fatsocatso and Vamp the ninjacat
They sniff under the door, because they know something is in here and they smell the food.
But today, I hadn't seen Vamp until it was too late.  She followed me in and didn't notice Zazi (who noticed her straight away) but sniffed around at the toys and the food. I wouldn't let her get too close, I was right beside her the entire time. That's when she did notice the tiny cat hiding behind the toilet. 
Zazi held her ground, and Vamp slowly and carefully extended her head and they were sniffing from a distance. Zazi took the more submissive posture,  and Vamp hissed, but didn't move. Since I was right there, I don't think either one knew what to do. I petted Vamp and slid her over to my lap, to show Zazi it was okay to trust, and as Vamp clearly enjoyed the attention, it was ..okay. It would be okay.  I shooed Vamp out and closed the door. 

And then I returned to sitting by the door, where I am typing.
And Zazi watches me from the safety of the toilet...peeping around the edge at me. A few times she has gone over to her bed, and sniffed, but then remembers I am here and goes back to her spot.
Every now and then I hear her little purr, which is actually quite loud, and it makes me smile.

I didn't see fear in her eyes today. Just confusion. Her whole world has been shifted upside down. No longer does she have to spend every moment of her day just surviving. Scrounging for food, and water, and safety from the elements. Suddenly for the first time in her little life, she is safe, and warm. She can play, and relax.....and not in fear every moment. Here there is safety, water and food. Shelter, a warm heat vent she spends her days lying in front of. And catnip. Let's not forget the catnip.