Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Wednesday afternoon, there was Much string played, building trust.
By the afternoon Zazi was allowing me to pet her all over, with the exception of tummy and tail. Very quick also to let me know when enough was enough.i introduced a lot of toys to her, brought in some catnip ones, and those were great in her books.

The afternoon was all about string, and the ribbon on a zip tie. Over and over and over.  She forgot herself a few times and even came out from behind the toilet, her Favourite hiding spot. 
After a lot of that, I leaned over the edge of the toilet, cautiously and let her sniff my hand. To my happiness, she started purring immediately and licking my hand. She out her head up tilted  just so so that I could better reach her spot by the ears....the Good Spot.

  I had felt a few matted spots on her back as I petted, so I had gotten out the fine toothed comb to see if she would allow me to brush some tangles out. And she did, for awhile. Zazi is a very gentle cat by nature I think, she didn't bite or lash out, she just bent her head and gave me The Look. So I stopped and let her sniff the comb, which she then bit of course, but gently. She is however seemingly flea free which is a very good thing.
Her mats are easy to get out, maybe later on she'll let me use a damp washcloth to easily get them out. No idea what they are , but we'll get her clean ...eventually.

Last night we also took away her bin, (that she never used anyway) and we introduced a big pink cat bed. I put a whole bunch of catnip in it and spread her new toys around in it. She watched me, but did not approach, even though he r little nose was twitching like ...well... A cat after catnip. Laugh.

Later on, when we were downstairs watching TV, we could hear Miss Zazi having a ball above our heads. We could hear the familiar sounds of 'fadumph' and the jingling and the carefree scratching of cat toys being flung about. Just before bed when I went to check on Zazi, the toys were everywhere, no catnip left in the bed, and all the rugs were askew. And in true cat fashion, there she was sitting in the middle, calmly staring at me, as if to say, me? Make a mess?

She also started vocalizing yesterday, more than just hissing.
I have been playing the Mozart radio station for her, which in between sings has a calming female voice. For its member drive services. She seems to like it, and I have to say, it's been far too long since I also enjoyed Mozart.
I got a few meows out of her, and a sort of garbled meow when I moved her so I could sweep up the catnip . She still goes to her safe spot behind the toilet.