Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Playing string

I think today I might hold the world record for Playing String With A Cat.

Zazi is slowly coming out of her shell, which gives me great hope.
This morning she was hiding in her cave, she managed to pull the towel from off top her bin over herself to make a little dark cave off the side of the bin.

I had brought her her wet food with some over the counter deworming medicine in it, and I placed it right inside her little cave. Her dry food and water is still in the other side of the room, to make sure she does get out and move around when it's quiet.
Today was the first day she ate all her wet food right away, which was good.
I came up to sit with her around ten, and let her sniff my fingers, then I rubbed her tiny chin and cheeks to get her scent on me. She allowed me to not only scratch her head and chin but all over her back and just in front of her tail. She looked a little surprised at how good that felt, it made me laugh. She bent her head forward and I froze. Even though his sweet little gal hadn't shown any aggression yet, I was still nervous that those little choppers could do some damage.
But no. Much to my surprise, she gave me a few little licks and her purring intensified.she extended out a fraction and her paws started to knead.
Of course, suddenly, enough was enough. She lowered her head and this time, one quick lick and a gentle mouthing with the slightest hint of teeth, as if to say; 'no more, please.' She is such a little lady.
I withdrew my hand and let the towel fall back. I also sat back and waited to see what she would do.
I pulled over the string and twitched it back and forth. She immediately fixated on it, all those hunters' instincts kicking in. Her pupils dilated and she froze - her front end still as the telltale tail twitched.
After what seemed like hours of watching she slowly, slowly inched forward. I continued to twitch the string just a bit further away, and she inched out, ever so slowly.
Finally she gave chase out to be middle of the room. She forgot herself in the thrill of the chase, and suddenly she stilled as she remembered where she was. Her eyes slowly came up to mine, and for the first time, I didn't see any fear. I dropped my own gaze quickly, with a little smile. For the first time, no fear, but a look somehow that combined both wariness and the" I want to trust you please don't hurt me" look.
And of course, that's when the phone rang, and she retreated back behind the toilet. We continue to play string, over he top of the toilet.